Wildflower Raw Local Honey


Raw, Pure, All Natural, 100%, Unfiltered and Unprocessed Wildflower Honey with all the goodness the bees and mother nature intended!

Don’t be fooled by the impostors that claim to be everything but RAW… Any label other than RAW honey probably means it has been processed and is lacking in the nutritional value you want.

Wildflower is the generic honey that is made from all the wonderful flowers Maine and New England. This raw honey is from an area of the country that is as pure and clean as you can get which means it is about as close to organic as possible.  Bees will collect nectar from flowers as far as 5 miles away.  So if you think about it, even if you have a certified organic farm, the bees will fly to other farms and flowers that are not organic.  So how can you really have organic honey unless you have an organic farm that is 5 miles in diameter? So if it is chemical free honey you want, this is the honey you want.

You can get out Wildflower Honey in 5 sizes now.

6 oz  $5.95
12 oz  $8.95
24 oz  $13.95
3 lbs $26.95
5 lbs $38.95

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